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Menu Assignment

Manage Menus : builtCMS is a Content Management System who provides Dynamic Menu Assignment where you can add, edit, delete, and manage your menus,built cms Content Management, Dynamic Menu Assignment, add website menus, change website menus, remove website menus, manage website menus, add top menus to website, add main menus to website, add footer menus, manage menu page navigation, add menu page navigation, delete menu page navigation, manage menus of website, menu assignment, website menu assignment, management dynamic menu

Menu and Submenu assignment helps us to keep the things organized. A well designed menu to help users navigate to different pages will attract more and more users to your website. 

A list of Menu Types will appear on the screen. We can assign the menu at the Top of the page or to the Bottom of a page. To assign a page click on the ‘Top’ or ‘Bottom’ link or we can click on assign (assign_menu_link_icon) icon.  (See Figure 1)

It will show the page list to assign either in the top or bottom (See Figure 7). Every page name has a check box (menu_checkbox) next to it. To assign a page to menu, click  in the check the box next to it. Or click in the checkbox again to remove the page from the menu & click on the save_button  button to confirm the action. Click on the back_button button  to exit from the screen without performing any action.


(Figure 1)