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Assign Submenu:

Navigation:  CMS > Assign Sub menu  


Manage Dynamic Menu is the screen where we can define the sort order for the menus. This is reflected in the Front-end of your site. 

This column allows you to change the relevant order in the way that the menus  are displayed on the front-end of your web page(s). 

To modify this order, type in the number for setting the order in which you would like to have them presented. Then, click the Save button to update the changes (See Figure). A message will be displayed – ‘Main Menu Sort Order Updated Successfully.’ confirming the changes.


(See Figure 1)

To add the Submenu click on the main menu name present in left hand side column or click on the Add Sub Menu icon add_submenu_management (See Figure 1).

A new sub menu list page (Manage menu list page) will be displayed. Click on the ‘Add Sub Menu’ link to add a new submenu to the selected main menu.