Modules and Extension of builtCMS

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General Setting

This setting contains all the important information about the Site and the rights to change it are allocated to ‘Administrator’ only.
It performs following functions:

  • Basic Info

  • Company Info

  • Image Setting

  • Server Info

  • Server Permission

Basic Info
This contains the Name of the Site which is displayed in the footer of the site after COPYRIGHT@2011 “Your Site Name” (See Figure 1). The year is taken from the server system date.


(Figure 1)

Company Info
This contains the Name of the company which made this site. (See Figure 2)


(Figure 2)

Image Setting 
This contains the setting of images in the Site, which are displayed in the site. E.g. Thumbnails, Banners, Images, & Photos, and etc. (See Figure 3)


(Figure 3)

Server Info
This contains the information of the Server. (See Figure 4)


(Figure 4)

Server Permission
This contains the setting of server permissions to modules in the Site. (See Figure 5)


(Figure 5)