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Home Page Rotating Banner

Navigate to CMS > Home Page Rotating Banner

This component allows you to manage and display banners for home page of your web site. In the Administrator (Back-end), you can upload, delete, edit, display or hide the banners. Banners are displayed on the Home page of your Site (Front-end). Above mentioned navigation displays the list of Home Page banners (See Figure1).


(See Figure1)

Click on the add_banner_button  button, to add new banner to the list.

Click on  the edit_icon icon, to edit an existing banner .

Click on the  delete_icon icon, to delete/ remove the banner from the list.  .

When we click on the add_banner_btn button, Add/Edit Home Page Banner page is displayed.

Click on the choose_file_button button to browse a file / banner you want to upload (See Figure 2).


(See Figure 2)

Specify the Title & Sort Order- Banner location is dependent upon the sort order being used for a particular banner.

Select the Status as active  to display the banners at the front end - and  select the display status as inactive if  you dont want the banners to be displayed at the front end.

While adding a new banner - Click on the  add_button button to add a  specific banner to the list.

While editing a banner from the list click on the save_button button to save the changes made in the banner details