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Thank you for choosing builtCMS, the Content Management System (CMS) software. You have made a great choice by selecting one of the most simple, powerful and versatile Content Management Systems available.

  • User / Administrator Guide

    • The User Guide or Manual is a basic guide to help end users and website administrators to understand builtCMS functionality.

    • it is geared to help non-technical users who are new to builtCMS explaining each menu item in the Administrator area.

  • Navigation

    • The guide is divided into several sections, mainly accessible through the Table of Contents.

    • Each section represents a group of functions or tasks and their detailed explanation.

    • Some of the pages are divided into subsections regarding a function or a group of functions.

  • Registration

    • Other than the Administrator’s (admin) account; that is created by default when builtCMS is installed, there is only one way that others can become a registered user.

    • Administrator may create one’s profile directly using the Administrator panel.