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Mail Configuration

Navigate to Contact Us > Mail Configuration 

This component allows you to manage enquirers to your web site. In the Administrator (Back-end), you can manage your mail settings.

 Above mentioned navigation displays the ‘Enquirer Search’ page (See Figure 1)

Admin Mail ID: The email ID entered here will receive an email from the inquirer, also administrator will view the inquiry at the admin panel of website.

Subject: You can set the subject for the "Thank You" mail sent to the inquirer from here.

Mail Body: You can set the mail body for the "Thank You" mail sent to the inquirer from here.

E-mail (Mails send from this ID): The mails are sent to the enquirers are sent from the e-mail ID entered here.

Password: Password of "E-mail (Mails send from this ID)" need to be entered here.

Port: Enter your port number here.

Server: Enter your server name here.

SSL: Eneter your SSL here.


(Figure 1)