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Manage Modules

Modules are used to display various information and/or interactive features throughout your web site.

A module can contain just about anything from simple plain text, to HTML, to complete standalone third party applications. Modules can also display interactive content, such as polls, latest news, Newsfeeds and more.

Site Modules are different from Administrator Modules because they display their content on the Frontend of your site while Admin Modules pertain to various Administrative (Back-end) tasks and/or features.


Navigate to User Settings > Module

It will display the ‘List of Modules’. Click on the Module Name to edit the existing modules (See Figure 1)


(Figure 1)


Module Name: This is the title of the Module as you wish it to appear in its header.

Sort Order shows the order of the modules as displayed. To modify this order, select the Module position in which you wish it to appear.

Status: Select whether you wish the Module to appear or not.

Description: Shows the description or Intro Text for the module.

Do the necessary updates and click on add_button  (See Figure 2).


 (Figure 2)


Click on the   icon add_link_button on add_link_icon Module List page to add links to a module.

This will show us the list of all the links present under that module. To edit an existing link, click on the Link Name.  

Click on the add_link_btn  to add a new link to a module (See Figure 3).

Click on the ‘Move’ icon move_link_icon  to move the link from one module to another.


(Figure 3)

To add or edit an existing link (See Figure 4) – enter all the details in the Add/Edit Link Form & click on  .


(Figure 4)


To ‘Move’ move_link_icon a link from one module to another –

Click on move_link_icon present in the link list page (See Figure 5). It will pop up another window (Move Link window). Select a module from the drop down list of modules. Click on move_link_button button.  A message ‘Link moved successfully’ will be displayed confirming the success of the action.



(Figure 5)